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Originally Posted by Leisa
The polarity expressed in this image is that on the emotional level, there is love and harmony.
Originally Posted by sapienza
I'm totally lost with that sentence! What is the polarity? Anyone???
Alchemical images are not read simply on the symbols but in a more detailed way starting from identifying the symbols and their layout--though I am not an expert I can see three (though it could be five) symbols: the connected vessels, the rose, the couple. The layout of this image is a simple above/below.

The red rose is a symbol of rubedo, the final stage of purification, the results of which can turn Lead into Gold. They are shaking, or holding, each others right hand with their right hand--yet they are each working towards each other with opposite legs, his right, her left. This might be important but I do not know left/right definitions as of yet.

So to try and answer your question: the polarity seems to me a simple one, of male/female energy combining to create the pure red rose. The sealed dual-container helps to keep what is happening inside in (and outside out) and so allowing it to be purified (there is a semi-overt link in this card to III The Empress, IV The Emperor, V The Hierophant, and VI The Lovers).
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