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(from the book)

Three swords enter a heart from the top, their downward thrusting implying negative or destructive aspects. The eye in the center of the heart symbolizes the soul, and suggests an awakening consciousness. The tears shed by the heart nurture the rose--the goal of alchemy--which grows in a harsh landscape of rocks. The significance of the number three here is the
rediscovery of consciousness on a higher level, but still incomplete and lacking the dimensionality of the higher self. Within the insight gained, there is still suffering. However, the suffering is necessary for growth, to achieve the consciousness of the higher self.

Tarot wisdom: You are experiencing sorrow, pain and suffering, either emotionally or physically. The card also shows that your own thoughts are behind your suffering, and your disappointments come from your expectations. Remember that pain has a purpose and opens the way to growth. Tears shed are like rain, nurturing something new.
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