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I tried the spread shared by wisp wings. Basically it's your daily newspaper type of layout/reading.
Called your daily digest spread.

This is what came up for me, interesting. (Oh and the faery that I pulled for the day earlier came up for me too, grins).

1. The journeyman ~ my interpretation is that today, I'm just exploring my internal world today, taking it easy, and thinking of what I want to do later on this weekend, this week, in the next few months, in the next few years. Sounds like a lot I know but it's a message saying I'm on my journey to find my journey if that makes any sense, and remember to have a good time while doing so.

2. Bodach the Bodacious ~ My interpretation is neglecting what needs to be physically done (house chores) to be on this internal journey, therefore, bodach is going to help me out some by cleaning up around this place. he's got quite the job too. So if I can't find that skirt that I wanted to wear tomorrow night, or a pair of socks, then I can just blame myself for not organizing things right around here. Remember that.

3. Ilbe the Retriever ~ my interpretation is my husband is going through a spell of depression realizing that he has to let go of some of his dreams that he thought he could accomplish by now. Such as, financially supporting us all enough to move into a house by now, and with our finances right now, doesn't look like that's going to happen. As well as letting go of some other personal dreams and goals due to our lack of finances. Ilbe is letting me know to remind him that maybe we can do those things later, and it's not so bad living here right now. We'll get a house later when we can afford it.

4. Taitin the Sylph ~ letting me know that he is (as much as he can) looking on the brighter side of things, enjoying his environment of his family and it's looking like things at work are looking up to. A possible promotion. This will also help lift his spirits. So don't worry, I'll have my precious normal husband back in due time.

5. (side note - I have three kids) Penelope the dreamweaver ~ Well, I think the cards are taking this literal as in RIGHT THIS MINUTE as all my children are asleep right now.

6. Honesty ~ To be completely honest with my children, that they can handle it and need to hear it (as some plans for this weekend just went down the drain). I made other plans to rectify the situation, but still. Maybe later tonight after their awake from their naps.

7. Sylvanius ~ Pretty soon, the world will know the truth. All truths will be revealed in due time. (What truths I don't know).

8. Faery godmother ~ To remember that the world still has some gifts to give. It's ok to accept them.

Thanks wisp wings, this was interesting to do.
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