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Originally Posted by Leisa
The drago is the devil and he stands on a winged alchemical vessel (which reminds me of the eye of Sauron)
I pulled this card in a one-card reading asking about the querent´s future financial situation. I am a bit at a loss with interpreting (too used to RWS symbology I think). Any suggestions as to the special symbology of this Alchemical tarot card with regard to the question?
Why a hermaphrodite (apart from the historical picture this was derived from)? Anima and Animus, both chained to their shadow, unable to free themselves and reach for a higher goal. Telling my client to stop worrying for his financial situation and look for better points to worry about? :-) Yes, might be it...

If anyone could quote more extensively from the Place book (which I cannot get unfortunately), it would be very nice. Leisa? :-)

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