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Hanson Roberts - 9 of Cups

I picked this card in a daily draw and it reminded me of a retired physician I came in contact with that day. It made me think about the healing and restorative aspects of this card. Using the imagery on the card, I could see the man as a pharmacist, or an old time apothecary ready to mix a remedy for you with his mortar & pestle (those cups on the shelf behind could pass as mortars). According to the meaning here on AT, the 9 of Cups can be thought of as the "wish" card. Just like a genie in a bottle can grant your wish, this guy can make a magic potion for you. I can just as easily see him as a bartender willing to listen and offer helpful advice. It can also represent a time of enjoying life's simple pleasures, a little R&R can be a very healing thing.

Considering the 9 as a number of completion, I think this card could also represent the reader or querent as someone who gained enough experience to be the one offering the advice or remedy.
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