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And some people say, "Alissa, why don't you contribute more on AT? Like you used to?"

And Alissa says, "No one even remembers me or cares if I come or go."

And the Green Woman says, "Oh don't be a pooper, go post something fun. Write about that reading you did where you didn't have to read... that was different and might be fun to share."

And the Fae Lion says, "But I have so many things to do each day, between the baby, and the real writing deadlines, and the henna appointments, and all the other freelancing, and still trying to find Me Time...."

And Taitlyn says, "But I showed up in the reading, you should share it. It was fun. Be light hearted and make a moment to write it up, even if it means putting off the diaper change another 15 minutes."

And so Alissa succumbs and shares her story here. And comes back every few hours for a few days to see if anyone had fun reading it, or had something similar to share, or just to post a one word response... but no one did because no one on AT understands how weird but fun Alissa was in the old AT days.

So Alissa feels like posting on AT is like talking into a well. Nothing but the echo chamber effect to answer you.

And then she's sad, but not for long, and so she blows kisses and says bye again to AT since she's flitting off to another corner of the internet where there are more voices to exchange herself with.
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