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"Which is okay, but I'm not really attracted to Him in the same way that most of you seem to be...I prefer women. I'm not an anti-man lesbian feminist type, just kinda turned off my men b/c of past experiences....

Soooo, I can't seem to understand why he's after me!"

Yeah, fair enough. But what if Himself doesn't represent an outer relationship? What if he represents a part of you, a part of your own personality? Everybody's got male/female aspects to their mind and their personality, and you can see them crop up in dreams. Jungian psychology talks about this all the time. I think they overdo it a bit, but what do I know?

Compare Himself and He of the Fiery Sword: Himself is male energy in all its aspects - sexual, emotional, thought, spirit. He of the Fiery Sword is yang energy - angelic maleness, I guess, and I don't read any sexuality in that despite the sword being phallic.

So if you're drawing Himself a lot recently, it means that very dynamic earthy 'maleness' is a big issue in your life. Maybe you have a problem identifying with this, and I understand that. I'm a guy and the majority of the cards in the deck are female images - I deal with this by reminding myself that there's the me I think of myself as and project to the world (that image always includes maleness) and there's the me that I really am (which is way bigger than merely male - it's my female aspects, my animal aspects, my plant aspects, my mineral aspects...). Maybe I have faery aspects as well? LOL
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