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Originally posted by Namaste

Last, but not least, the Topsie Turvets (51) came scampering along with great advice, that mirrors some I recently received in a reading from a very kind member of our community. Yes..., for wealth to finds its way to me, I must change my way of seeing and my assumptions about the possibility and worthiness of becoming wealthier. I must look at the whole issue from a different angle. Either to trust in, and surrender to, the higher force, or to do something about contributing more to my material prosperity.

(28) Lady Penelope turned and looked at me again. "I will help you with your creativity, if you seek inspiration and vision (which the Faeries alone know I need! ). "Don't forget to pay attention to what I shall whisper in your mind's ear when you least expect it. I can't do the rest for you. You must bring them to fruition."

Will I listen? You bet I will! Thank you, beloved Faeries.

So new in their company, I'm sure I've missed much of what they said. Perhaps even misinterpreted their words.

If that be the case, would one of you kind souls set me straight again?

Ever grateful...
Oh my dear, your interpretations are in inspiration. That's the beuatiful thing about these cards, you don't have to have years of experience, all you have to have is an open heart willing to listen to their message. This is how we gain our experiences with the fae.

When I first got this deck, Topsie Turvets were my least favorite card...I hate how they're all twisted around, making faces and throwing their eyeballs at me and laughing histerically...they make me so mad, with their taunting and teasing. How you got the message you did from them, I will NEVER know...LOL, but thank your faeries (and thank you for sharing) this alternative message the topsies have to share. It helps me to expand my interpretation of them. And Penelope, my goodnesses, I never saw it before, but yes of course, art is inspired by where dreams come, artists "live in a dream world", and who better to inspire art and creativity then the faerie of dreams! Wow, thank you so much! I never noticed it before, I always thought she meant literally not sleeping enough, or nightmares, etc.

I really appreciate you sharing all of this, as it makes a big difference with how I see these two cards now...thank you!
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