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A youngster. Energy.

1. Look at the colors:
Red lips, blue eyes. He looks so young and healthy. Blonde hair makes me feel like being young. Red shirt - full of "blood", burning energy. Look at that blue towel on his neck, it's full of hope. His trousers are brown, full of "nature".
The grass is green. The nature is growing.
2. Symbols
He's looking up at the sky. Maybe he's believing, hoping. Maybe he's singing.
The white rose shows the naive spirit. He's a freshman with pure heart. He may have picked this flower along the journey. Yes, he loves everything around.
His bag is small... Well, his knowledge is not much. The bad is tiny and enough for a youngster like him.
3. Others
As you can see, there's a wind in the picture (I can see his outfit flying backward). The weather is cool or he is ready to face every storm ahead?

The wind may be telling an upcoming storm? He doesn't know and he doesn't care! The white moutain far away... is that snow? Is that cold? It's far and he just doesn't care again. All are left behind.
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