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OK - here is a photo example of some of my Tarot crystal companions.
(it's on pinterest - sorry if it's cumbersome to see them). In brackets are the metaphysical properties of the stones - which I'm typing out of my Diane Stein crystal book.

1) Heart at top - Brown Jasper with my Halloween Tarot (Heals the aura, protects from fear, clears boundaries between self and others. Appropriate for the Halloween Tarot, which is "sugary sweet" - a great deck for people who are "afeared of the occult" ).
2) Heart at the bottom - Sphalerite with my Cat People Tarot (Helps lessen feelings of alienation and feeling "different". Heals loneliness. Alleviates homesickness for one's "star home", aids environmental illness. Hmm. This is my spellwork or magickal deck - and being Wiccan is a fairly "strange, lonely, alien sort-of path).
3) Bear on right - Red Jasper with my Night Sun Tarot (Balances anger and sexuality in relationships. Balances women's cycles. Hah - well, I wouldn't match these properties at all to this deck - lol! However - the little bear image for me, just fits.)
4) Frog on the left - Snowflake Obsidian with my Tarot Therapy deck (Opens awareness of past lives and the immortality of the soul. Aids past life regression. Heals Karmic patterns. Haven't thought to use this deck quite for this yet. But it is a personal meditation deck only - I don't use it for readings).

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