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This is one of those things where psychology and energy get all jumbled up. Probably the source of that information was working on a goal (or had a psychological quirk) that made them think their personal information could be generalized to everyone else. I mean, the difference between an entire culture noticing that certain stones tended to draw certain things when compared to one person's reaction to one particular stone and that information being passed down as truth when perhaps it's not valid for everyone.

The problem is that sometimes we hear these things as truth and then it gets worked into our own mind and that becomes part of our truth. Example: I have heard that people who charge money for psychic predictions will loose their power. Obviously that isn't true for everyone, just look at the people here who read professionally. But, if I heard that from a source I trusted and believed, then perhaps for me if I tried to accept money, I might end up not being able to produce an accurate reading, possibly even affecting later readings, due to my own belief.

Ask your friend if the stone had felt right for her before she heard the information. Let her know to concentrate on that feeling. If the stone is any danger to her, she likely wouldn't have been drawn to it in the first place.
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