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I just got a nice book written by Karen Hamker-Zondag is the spanish translation of her book called De Tarot als levenweg (The way of the Tarot) this book is based on the RWS deck, in the early chapters she compares RWS clones to the original RWS deck in order to explain why the RWS deck symbolism feels right to her, this is what she said about the Hanson Roberts' Fool:

Fool walking to the left
In Marseilles style decks, the Fool walk to the right (active-masculine), in middle ages the reason and thought was not as advanced as today, so we can understand the Fool as the symbol of our wish to develop our personality walks to the "development" direction.

In our time we had become technology dependent rational beigns, the Fool walking to the left calls our atention to claim back our receptive-femenine values and accept that "no-rational" things do happen in our existence. This made a lot of sense to me because I always thought the Fool should walk to the right as we are taught that "move ahead" in a drawing is "moving to the right".

Fool without a dog
This Fool has to be more in connection with his instinctive side otherwise he can not face the cliff or another dangers on his journey.
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