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Originally Posted by Lurea
He is smiling widely, and seems very confident, even though six against one is hard odds.
Personally, I don't think the wide smile is everything it seems, it's more like a grimace, if you notice the eyes and eyebrows they do not match the smile. There is a struggle going on... he is not as confident as he looks. To me, he his gritting his teeth with determination because he know's he's up against it. He can't take his eye of the ball else he will become overwhelmed.

The fact that he is holding upper ground is positive. Last time I received this card I was advised to 'hang in there baby'. This is what I did (against the odds) and it paid off.

To me, this card means keep going, keep persevering, keep on top of your game, don't take your eye off the ball even for a second.

Shy x
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