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Hi, Tara.

I'm very new to this oracle, too. I've not read the meanings in the book because I've determined that too much book reading has cluttered my mind and I bought this deck specifically for intuitive purposes.

I'll just give my impressions of the card in general.

When I look at the card the first things that stand out to me are the lights. There are 3 sets of lights : in his heart, in his intuitive third eye, and in his head. To me, it seems body, mind, and spirit are coming together to form a very honest and well grounded conclusion. I don't get the feeling that this card represents any one who is purely based in the physical realm. It looks to me like he is guided by his heart, his intuition and his logic.

I hope some of this makes sense to you.

I'd be interested to hear what aspects of the card lead you to ask the question: Is this card telling her that this person just want a physical relationship with her, or that feels an strong attraction toward her?

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to look at the deck again. I really do love it.

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