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@Rusty Neon,

unfortunately deck 02 came without LWB.
The red box says:
Also it says on both sides:
78 cartes avec livret explicatif.

But I just discovered that the picture of the red box (L'AMOUREUX) has another copyright: B P. GRIMAUD 1963
I didn't notice this before because I was so impressed by the B P GRIMAUD copyright!

But according to what I have seen elsewhere (for example with some RWS copy) cards and box must not always match together.
I also agree with you when you say this deck is possibly pre 1963.
But it is a long time between 1930 and 1963.

Has your deck the cardback with the frames?

I am glad this is interesting for you.
About the pictures, I already said this in another thread:
when you consider how precise the interpretation of Paul Marteau is in his book (where he gives to almost every little detail in the picture a meaning) it is quite strange that one could take so much freedom to change the pictures.

Best regards
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