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@ fools_fool

I have received an answer from Surnateum.
The deck seems to be the 1930 edition.
It has 3 fleurs de Lys on the the 4 of cups, no dice on the table of the BATELEUR but 2 red circles.
It also seems as if it would have the same cardback (not sure because a description can be quite subjective)
The copyright is the same as on deck 01 and on the same cards.
The owner believes that the box is original, he has no LWB.

I am glad now to know a little bit more on the 1930 deck.
It would seem as if it is not very different from deck 01 beside of the Tulip instead of Lys and dice instead of red coins.

But still nobody seems to know when this deck appeared.
Maybe with the first printing of Marteaus book (00a).
So it could be 1947 or something between 1930 and 1947.

I have read on Flornoys site that there was a very first printing of Marteaus book in 1929 with cards glued in the book from a 1890 Camoin deck (Conver)
(BTW the undertitle of the scan on the right says Paul Marteau 1949, but according to the text it probably must be 1930)

@ Ross G Caldwell
Thank you for your more accurate explanations.

Best regards
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