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Step 17 - Embodiment - RWS deck

4 of Pentacles

Everyone mentions the hunched over position, and that is true, but the real tension is holding the Pentacle on the head up there and not letting it drop.

9 of Pentacles

The surprise was that she is posing. That isn't a natural stance. She is posing as if for a painting. And it is a stiff pose although her gown hides how stiff it actually is. Her head is up, her shoulders are back. It was a surprise that she was that stiff because she doesn't look stiff in the drawing. Also although it looks like she is turning towards the bird, she is not actually engaging with it because the bird is hooded, and if it could look anywhere it would be looking out at the reader.

It is also possible that both the woman and the bird have just heard someone come into the garden and that is part of the explanation of the direction of their bodies and their gazes. I've always thought the Lady in the Garden was alone, but maybe she, and her bird, are actually interacting with someone unseen.
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