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21 ways Step 17

17.1. Four of Pentacles

I postioned myself correctly , balancing the pentacles. Nothing happened until i started rezining the pnetacle i was holding. Making it smaller i felt a rushing innwards, a phasing out of that around me, a sort of collapsing inwards into a tunnel. I had a similar experiance before when i relived my birth through hypnosis. By opning my arms again i came back. The rest went well with the reabsorbing into my chest, calm and balance afterwards.
Not too sure what to make of this right now.

17.2 The Hermit DruidCraft.
I stood as in the card. Holding my stve in left hand and latern in right. I ask for awarnes and i got a knyttet stomach and the thoughts of abandoment hit me. I had a hard stone wall in my innerself. why me? I feeling of loss and fighting. Tears and energi loss. A feeling of survival as well.

My childhood obviously revisits me. Very interesting experiance. It shows how connected we are with our bodies. I will do this with othercards i think, cards that are difficult for me.

Thanks to everyone, I'm getting so much from the wisdom you all post. This is truely a good self transformation journey. Thanks for the positive feedback as well
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