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With every curse also comes gifts. What were Medusa's gifts? This is a GREAT article about Medusa and her dethrowning as a Mother/Earth Goddess (death/rebirth = snake) symbol. NICE.***Hemera - once again we've landed in Hecate territory!
Oh yes! I only had time to read this now. Great article! Thank you for the link and for your post,too. Lots of food for thought there.
I just noticed the strange apple tree in the card above that gate. Lots of red apples but looks like there are no leaves. Poisoned apples perhaps? (Maybe this is where Snow White´s evil stepmother Queen came to get them?)

This is also a Gate Card; there is a path that can lead you away from the card to another time and place perhaps?
This deck has got many such Gate Cards. I counted nearly 10 where you have a door, a gate, a passage or something similar in the card. I think I have read tarot authors (I´m forgetting who they were) say that such cards are especially powerful.
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