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Katz and Goodwin's alchemical theory of this card is nonsense of the highest order in my opinion. It's based on a vague comment Waite makes about Maier as having a "fantastic spirit," the same phrase used in the description of the 7 of Cups. In his Azoth, or The Star in the East Waite does give a list of alchemical processes as they correspond to the stages of interior progress, but there are nine, and they seem to roughly correspond to the nine degrees that would later make up the Fellowship of the Rosy Cross.

9 Stages of Interior Progress

1. Purgation (Cleansing of the desires of the heart).
2. Dissolution (Soul dies to itself).
3. Separation (Separation of subtle from gross).
4. Conjunction (Gathering of forces toward one end).
5. Congelation (Unification of potencies).
6. Cibation (Soul fed from above; whole being is sublimed).
7. Fermentation (The spiritual subject is augemented with the Spirit of Life).
8. Exaltation (Rectification of elements).
9. Mystic Union (Conjunction of God and Soul; Beatific Vision).

I can see how theoretically it could make sense that Waite might have used Maier's processes as illustrations of fantasies to be avoided. But Katz and Goodwin don't point to any definite arrangement used by Maier that Waite might have drawn on, but they use a list given by a modern author [The Emerald Tablet, 1999].

Ruby Jewell, I see where you're coming from though. In a reading situation the details on the card wouldn't really matter, it seems to me.
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