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The bonefire has landed

here in NZ

I ordered two decks, with a view to using one for mounting on a display canvas. I have placed them out on the canvas, and they will rock.

Early impressions as I am about to head off to work:

Thick cardstock which I have no issue with. They feel robust, but the thickness of the deck is perhaps thicker than most. I love my zombies which are about the same thickness (maybe slightly less) so no real issue for me at all. The overall feel is that this is a solid and meaty feeling deck when held in the hand. Borders are small and being a dark blue instead of the standard white or black work very well. Not sure why Death is the only card from the MA to have its number instead of title though. Titles are unobtrusive and in a font that is not grating on the eye.

The finish is matt, so may take a few shuffles for the cards to feel as though they slide easily. No indication of sticking or being rough against each other so again - cannot see this being an issue. And being matt there is less chance of them sliding around and out of your grasp.

Colours are wonderfully bright and vibrant. I have not had time to look through them all in detail, but I sense these images lend themselves to sitting down and just looking at each card in turn. There will be some details there that may puzzle to start with, but I reckon in a reading they will come into their own and have a more obvious relevance.

The booklet that comes with it is brief but to the point. Each card is bullet pointed with some indicators / suggestions. The first 11 pages is an introduction which I will look forward to reading this evening when home from work. Booklet is hand written, in capitals. Some of the text may have not photocopied as well as other parts, so will have to squint a little at some of the entries.

The wee pouch is made of felt, and tied with string. There is a wee decal in the shape of a heart with crossed bones and flames. Just to remind us of the title of the deck

The style of artwork is reminding me of some of the urban artwork I am seeing around Christchurch post quakes. (NOT to be mistaken for grafitti by yobbo's!!) and I feel it will have its own vibe which will either energise a reading for those who relate to it, or may jar those who do not feel an affinity with it. For those who like the look of the Pearls of Wisdom but find it too small and too detailed, may find this fits a little better.

Thanks Gabi for creating this, and for allowing us to share in your vision with this deck. It sounds like you had quite a journey, especially at the printing and distribution stage

Will post more thoughts when I have had a chance to dive in, but early thoughts are always valid. Many a time I have had heightened anticipation of a deck, then when it arrived and I looked through it, I felt empty or disappointment creep in. Not with this deck.
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