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Originally Posted by MaineGirl117 View Post

Considering her connection with Christ, I find this symbol of the Christmas Tree very comforting. If you study Christ consciousness or Christ Light, then perhaps you could see how I would interpret the tree as a symbol of ascension and consciousness, and the blinking colored lights as the colors of the "rays" which the Ascended Masters travel. Unbeknownst to me I have been honoring this Sabian Symbol in my home for several years. I have a 6 foot steel and glass palm tree that has served as my "Christmas Tree" for a while now. Draped over the top are several strands of multicolored blinking butterfly lights. I keep them on whenever I'm home, and everybody who passes through my house remarks on them. I just can't seem to take them down. They remind me of children, fun, freedom and innocence.
Oh I can see it completely - thank you for this new spin on the tree of lights - so special to me too
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