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While looking at the card and reading the accompanying text, the same phrase Lyric mentioned, "Let go and let God," occurred to me as well. What a beautiful image! If I were dying of a terminal disease, I could see myself spending a lot of time looking at this card. I find the idea of slipping off the edge, surrendering to the inevitable, and then falling back into the Source very attractive. I also love the description of how the drop would tremble right on the "edge between the known and the unknown."

Letting go of the ego makes it easier to let go of everything else. But letting go of the ego is not an easy thing to accomplish. Being nobody goes against the grain for most of us (one of my favorite Buddhist books is "Being Nobody, Going Nowhere" by Ayya Khema). Even for those who consider themselves to be non-materialistic and spiritual, there is the temptation to think of one's self as a "spiritual person" or "a meditator" or an "enlightened" person. It's difficult to let go of any notion of being anyone and to be content simply to be.
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