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Talking UPDATE on Touchstone

Originally Posted by Penny Dreadfuls
Oh surprises! They're the absolute best!
UPDATE: Great news! i just saw this in Tarotconnection:

"This is a limited edition of 500 decks.

80 Cards
* Tarot bag created by the artist and her Mum
Touchstone Tarot Pen, Laser Engraved
3 cones of Divination Blend incense, a handcrafted charcoal based incense to smudge your cards and environment.
Special Mystery Gift created for you by Kat Black

July 11th 2008: I heard that the cards are printed and are in the queue to have the corners rounded."

So now we know some more of the goodies that come with Kat's wonderful limited edition deck PLUS!!! "A Special Mystery Gift created for us by Kat! And...the cards have been printed and having the corners rounded!

i am really getting excited, now! Kat, you're the Best!
This is so much fun!
Love and Blessings,
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