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Franniee said it. Some readers pull the Shadow card all the time, others only pull it for special spreads or on special occasions. Essentially, after you've shuffled, cut the deck and laid out the spread by flipping cards off the top of the deck, you pull the card from the very bottom of the deck and set it to the side.

This is your shadow card and it's kind of the "unconscious" of the spread. What the whole thing is *really* about. So, for example, if you got 5/Wands as the shadow card, you (the reader) might say to the querent (whoever you were reading for): "This spread is all about competition and the feeling that you have to fight and compete for attention...."

And now you, the reader, keep that in mind as you read the spread. Hopefully, it helps you to better understand what message of individual cards and the spread as a whole.
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