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Originally Posted by starrystarrynight
The quint card is the one you get by adding up all the numerical values of the cards and reducing it down to a single number.

But I don't use quint cards (I tried it at one time, but didn't find it as useful for me) someone else can likely shed more light on them than I can.
Off topic: some history on the 'Quint' card should be inserted here (please see link at the bottom of the referenced post). It dates back to Wirth as far as I can tell, and is ONLY used in the spread referred to as "du tirage en croix". You'd not add up all the cards in a Celtic Cross to find a quint card...

Shadow or Base cards often receive (IMO) too much attention. I don’t think of it so much as ‘What the reading is about’, as “something to keep in mind while giving the reading’.

I’ve seen readers get too hung up on them, or assign far to much importance on the Shadow card, and then allow it to overshadow the whole spread. It shouldn’t be part of the spread, but part of the reading (two very different things).
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