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Great Chariot card! The surfing element definitely lands it very fittingly in a deck alongside the other more modern-influenced cards you've done so far in this run (like the tattooed Fool and the DJ Magus). I actually for some reason immediately assumed the "horses" to be hippocampi (is that the right plural for "hippocampus?"), and we just can't see their big fishtails from this angle... I like that the Charioteer (Poseidon?) also seems to be wearing a crab-themed outfit to go with the Cancer correspondence of the card! A couple of other notes... First, the water looks awesome, just in general -- tons of detail, and it pays off! Second, the cresting wave looks sort of like the head of a serpent or dragon to me, and I don't know if that's intentionally done, or I'm just seeing what I want to see, but it's there for me. And third, the liquid in that chalice on the surfboard looks like it might be liquid of some sort, or it also might be a small, red-colored galaxy, which would add to the unearthliness that I never mind seeing in a Tarot deck! All in all, it's another cool and inventive take on a card! Glad to hear the warm weather has you feeling energized...
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