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Hierophants and Emperors are not my best friends among the tarot cards.

Yet, for some reason, this Hierophant is the most accessible (?) i've ever seen. I usually get locked in the Christian symbolism used in the traditional "Pope" card and i am unable to see in this card anything that can related to my situation as i do the reading. Maybe because i am not familair with judaism, its figures and its symbolism, the ToP Hierophant suddenly appears like a fresh and clear card.

I also appreciate the introduction of the feminine character (whether i am not sure if she's a sinner imploring forgiving: women=sinners). The woman gives movement and passion to the card, movement that is not present in the traditional representations of the Hierophant (though he is shaking his magical wand in the air, just kidding...). I've always seen the Hierophant as the guy sitting on his throne and blessing the two heads under him. His power and his position were static, he's the Pope, that's it, you quite don't know why him or what it means. But the ToP Hierophant/Rabbi is standing in the gorgeous library: i know where he gets his power from: from knowledge. His power is wisdom, he gets it from the real world as well (physical contact to the woman) and instead of just two men's heads, he's sharing his wisdom to the globe in return. He is close to his ppl: the woman touches him, whereas traditional Hier. is distant.

Finally i like the exotic feature of the card. That Rabbi has something of Santa, if you ask me

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