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Originally Posted by WiseOakReiki View Post
I don't believe there is a time limit. The client puts an amount of money onto their account and then if they run out during a call, they are given the option to add more money. I have no idea how many of those who charge that much actually get clients or how often. I have heard that if you take calls it is not always the ideal client... i.e. people who only want to hear the good news etc. I have also heard that some people using online services are complete fakes. I am going to just try it out and see how it goes for me, what I like, what I don't like.

I like being able to set my rate and note make merely cents for a call that the company is charging the customer 4.00 a minute for.

These are some of my concerns going into it. My profile is waiting for approval but I will let you all know what it's actually like.
Thank you for the information WiseOak, I am looking forward to learning more

I hope it all works out well for you
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