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1. Truth in Story - she has looooooong videos and rambles a lot, but at the same time she seems so down to earth, friendly and she does explain things in-depth so I can forgive the rambling...

2. ShyFox - I see many mentioning her, so I'm surprised she doesn't have more subscribers/views! She was one of the first ones I subscribed to, and remains one of the faves, I'm just annoyed by her recording format, though :/

3. SacredSeed - She is my ABSOLUTE FAV, seems to have a looooot of knowledge on tarot, also on paganism

4. Kelly Ann Madox - I used to think she's a bit obnoxious, but I warmed up to her, and like her a lot now, I think content-wise, she has the best channel out there (on spirituality, magick etc.), although not as tarot-y anymore..

5. hmm hard time picking the fifth, but I love the number 5, so let's say it's Angelo Nasios, I do like him, but haven't watched anything in a while..

There are a few that are absolutely annoying to me or have this obnoxious fakeness "happy happy super positive!" about them, but I'm not saying any names..
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