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Well, in The Winged Spirit Tarot (which is all about the myths of angels):

The Lovers is represented by Samiasa and Aholibamah. The angel is Samiasa who fell in love with Noah's daughter Aholibamah and had to choose between his love for her and his love for heaven.

The Devil is Lucifer or Morningstar, the most beautiful of the archangels. Not being satisfied with being second in heaven he rebelled and was cast out of heaven. His name changed from Morningstar to Lucifer which means "the adversary."

Temperance is depicted as Bethesda, the angel who came to earth, touched the ground and where she touched the earth a healing fountain sprang forth.

Judgment is, in this deck, Michael because he is most often featured in Christian legends of judgment day.

Gabriel is shown as the High Priestess because he/she is seen as a feminine spirit, it is she who came with the lilies of annunciation to Mary when she gave the message to her that she was pregnant with the divine.

You may or may not agree with this deck's author's choices, of course.

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