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Thank you guys so much. Just looking at the cards I got the following impressions:

The Lovers have to make a decision and many times they feel they then came head to head with the Devil. A divorce, a partnership gone wrong, parents that enslave children out of "love", an abusive relationship, children that rule you, or a boss or job that is pure hell, that sort of thing is what I think of when I encounter the Devil. You then gain knowledge from the pain that you went through, created from your mistakes, (but of course at this point we still blame it on any and everyone except ourselves "the devil").

Temperance brings us the point of good decision making, accepting that we need to expand and accept responsibility for our own lives, we study and know there is a higher path that we need to experience, but also for the first time knowing that we create our reality and that the higher and lower are being mixed by the magical flow of energy that Temperance is pouring. She can now live in the astral or emotional dimension as well as having her feet firmly planted in the material realm of earth.

Then Judgement comes along and holds us accountable.

So what it is the same angel that is taking us on the entire journey, but we perceive each stage being guided by different enities?
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