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Does Aldebaran also belong in this picture?

Originally Posted by kwaw
Hi ThanatEros

Welcome aboard.! I agree, no coincidence. Orion is also called the abode of Osiris in Egyptian star lore. Sumerians with Ninurta and Ea. See image from and Sumerian Royal Cylinder seal here:

I think we can add Aldebaran, The Brightest star of the constellation of Taurus. (the eye of the Bull) also in this picture. Maybe there is already another thread of this, but I could not find this related to this subject.

When we look at the "star"picture of Osiris, on the webpage mentioned above, we see Osiris carrying a star in his left hand. (in the Orion mystery of Adrian Gilbert and Robert Bauval, the writhers propose this star is Aldebaran)
Further we see that Osiris is walking to the left(West). (As the Waite Fool)

On this webpage 9 different names are mentioned for Aldebaran:
1.The Eye of Illumination
2.The Eye of Revelation
3.The Bullís Eye
4.The Eye of God Aleph name given by Hebrews to Aldebaran
5.Omma Boos Greek
6.Oculus Tauri Latin
7.Gis Da Akkadian
8.The Eye of Boeddha
9.Rohini Red Cow Red Deer In Vedic Indian Starknowledge

**Note 4!!!

Aldebaran symbolizes the Hebrew aleph (A or 1) (*Rakefet Dictionary part of description of Aldebaran)

In "Tarot A Key to the Wisdom of All ages" of P F Case, following text is mentioned, in the chapter of The Fool:

"the hebrew Alphabeth is invented during the astronomical period called the Taurean age." (Taurus-Ox-Aleph)

Mr Case modified the Fool of Waite, with the keys used by the Builders of the Adytum, draw by Jessie Burnes Parke, under his supervision.

In context with Aldebaran, One of the modifications on the Fool:
The lock of the wallet is in the form of an Eye , which stands for the all-seeying Eye of Freemasonary as Mr Case states.
An Eye; The Bull's Eye; The Eye of God ALEPH.

The One Eye will be accompanied by a second Eye in the near future...
On 21 december 2012!
Two Eyes will appear on heaven (as the two staffsof the heavenly dancing andrgyn??)
In the Evening of the wintersolstice 21 december 20123 Jupiter will come close Aldebaran from our line of sight. It will look like the Bull has Two eyes, One WHITE and One RED.
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