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Smile ORION - The Hunter and the Fool

Greetings everyone, how are you?

As a new member of this forum, here's some information about myself:
I'm a portuguese student of Occultism since 1993, and I like to study several subjects concerning this fascinating world of the Occult and Religious (be it the Tarot, Ceremonial Magick, Thelema, Qabalah, Masonry, and several religions, cults and Orders). I must also say that in these last times I've been totally obsessed with the Tarot, particularly with the Zeroth Arcanum called "The Fool" (which I believe is a symbol for OURSELVES and our path through Life).

I have recently discovered some incredible connections between the Fool (Le MAT) and ORION the Celestial Hunter (I've already read some of Kwaw's brilliant messages on this subject ), and if I may, I would like to speak a bit about this connection. Obviously, any comments, suggestions and/or corrections will be most appreciated!

First, we must see that the Fool is an eternal wanderer, a Mad Man who has rejected all that the society has to offer him and walks his own (unknown and endless) Path. In this way we can in fact see him as CAIN, the Tiller of the Earth and the Wanderer (remember that NOD, like the land of "Nod" to which he went after killing Abel and being marked by God, means "wandering"). And this is extremely interesting since Cain himself has been constantly compared to a Fool and the well known Green Man. As some of you may already know, the Green Man was a fertility god (usually represented only by his Head, which always had leafs coming out of his mouth, ears, nose, etc) and was also connected to the famous "Saturnalicius Princeps", the person that during the Roman Saturnalia symbolized Saturn, the Lord of Misrule and the Black God of the harvest, of life and death. Actually the Saturnalia was a means to celebrate the death of the old year and the birth of the new, and the return to the primeval Chaos/Subversion/Laughter that existed before the Creation, just like the Fool's number is Zero, the qabalistic AIN or Nothing before the One (Bereshith). This Festival of Chaos was again celebrated on the Carnival (is this the way you call it in english?), and on April 1st, which is called "April Fool's Day". According to a Jewish legend, Cain was born on the first Monday of April, which is quite near the date of the April Fool! It should also be interesting to note that according to the Hebrew Qabalah, the name QYN (Qayin, "Cain") sums 160, which is the value of a'aTz (Etz, "Tree").

And how can we compare the Fool to the Hunter (Orion) *and* to Cain?

Actually the answer to this is very simple, since the constellation Orion has always been compared to NIMROD, an ancient King and a powerful city builder, who "was a powerful hunter in the sight of the LORD" according to the Bible (Genesis 10:8-12). Nimrod himself was also compared to the sumerian Hunter God called Ninurta, Ninib and Adar, represented in the sumerian astrology by the planet Saturn. Nimrod-Ninurta, who was the roman Saturn and the greek Kronos (who was considered, by the way, to be the King and Lord of the Earth in that ancient "Golden Age") is also considered to be very similar to Herne the Hunter of brittish folklore, and to the celtic Lord of the Dead, the Leader of the Wild Hunt called Gwynn ap Nudd, who was followed by his pack of white hounds. And now we're starting to have SOMETHING here! Remember when I said that the Fool was intimately connected to the Lord of Misrule, who was Saturn and Cain? And now we know (you can confirm this on several webpages) that Cain himself was connected to Saturn (Nimrod - Ninurta) and the Lord of the Hunt with his dogs! Even the Fool of the Tarot has a Dog near him! I strongly believe that this is NOT a coincidence, and I'll leave some images for you (about the Fool - Orion connection) to meditate upon. I think you'll like it

The Constellation ORION and its main stars:

Orion the Hunter and his Dog, Canis Major: (I've used Stellarium 0.7.1 for this image and the next)

Same image, but just the stars:

The Fool, "Le MAT", Marseilles Tarot:

The Orion-Fool connection (amazing!):

By the way, as Kwaw has already explained elsewhere, the hebrew word for Orion, Kesil (KSYL), means Fool

My best regards to All
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