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Welcome to Aeclectic, ThanatEros (very close connection between these two words indeed, too!!!).

quick moderating note: I'll move this thread to the Marseille (& other early decks Forum - as it seems to more naturally 'belong' there.

Your bringing to such vivid attention the stellar symbolic correlation between Orion and the Fool brings to mind the words of Julie Cuccia-Watts (published as part of an interview):
'One day while reading emails on line someone was describing the Fool with his little white dog at his heel. The words transformed in my mind and I suddenly saw the Fool as Orion and the little white dog as the 'dog' star Sirius. This changed my vision of the Fool and deepened my meaning of the card. You see Orion in Egyptian mythology is associated with Osiris and his disappearance every summer. Along with the 'dog' star Sirius, it signals the Nile flood and the beginning of the Egyptian calendar/year, just as the Fool eventually will disappear off the cliff in the Fool card.'
I was also trying to recall who it was that has attempted to do a similar correlation between various asterisms and cards... but the connection simply escapes me at the moment.
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