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"Orion is one of the oldest known constellations. The bands of Orion refer to the three apparently equally spaced stars that form the belt of Orion, an easily identifiable locational aid, followed North they lead the eye to Aldebaran, South to Sirius, two bright stars of calendrical and navigational importance as directional and seasonal markers. Above to the right is the constellation of Taurus, to the left, Gemini.

The constellation was thought of as a cosmic giant "His arms extended measure half the skies:His stride no less." Another name for his belt [and for the central star in particular] was 'the string of pearls'. Perhaps we may see reference to this in the giant stature and string of balls in the pseudo “CHARLES VI” OR “GRINGONNEUR” deck?

Kesil has also the meaning of arrogance, and in relation to Orion has particular relevance in relation to these three stars as they are identified in Hebrew tradition with Nimrod, and the band of stars represent the bonds with which God bound him to heaven for his arrogance. Perhaps there is some unknown relevance to the seat of the TdM fools pants being torn, revealing his buttocks, as with the Nimrod figure of the Sola Busca?"

In Egyptian star lore Orion is the abode of the soul of mummified Osiris, God of the underworld and of the dead. Among his symbols were two red feathers worn in his white atef crown, to which we might see a reference in the red feather in the hat of the Waite/Smith fool card?

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