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Cathar Tarot

I wandered into a bookshop this afternoon, stock depleted from the Christmas rush, and to my amazement came across a mass market deck I had simply never heard of. It is the Cathar Tarot by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan - based on the teachings and belief system of the Cathars in southern France in the 11th-12th Centuries who were subsequently persecuted and wiped out in the early 13th Century. No, I'd never heard of them either. But there is something very forward thinking about their philosophy and a number of parallels between their beliefs and the Fool's journey. The Minors reflect more everyday scenes.

It's all very new to my and I saw, after opening and starting to read the book, that it had been published in December 2016 and so it really is very recent indeed. It's a lovely set, nice chunky cards with Medieval scenes. A very philosophical tarot set, with a very accessible, thought-provoking book. I just thought I'd start a thread on it for those who, like me, had never heard of it, but it seems really quite fascinating and spiritual and worth delving into. I find something extremely appealing about it.
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