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Originally Posted by Pam O
I am tripping on how many people in this string are so against the Osho Zen. That has been one of my very favorite decks since the '90s, and it's one of the decks I usually always have on me. Actually, it was the first deck I could read without a book. Osho Zen has also been a popular deck people choose to have me read from. Wow, kind of a trip! But it really does break my heart to hear about burning. I would really like to to save any Osho's from burning. I will pay shipping and find them new happy homes.
I agree, I think it's surprising the number Osho Zen haters. Maybe it's the book that puts people off. It does seem to require perfection. If you go by the book, you might feel continuously judged and found lacking. When actually the Osho Zen deck itself will constantly tell you that everything is okay and the only trouble is the crap you're imagining and telling yourself.
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