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I have to pick favorites? Oh, you cruel people...

The court cards are wonderful, especially the queens and pages. And the King of Swords looks just like a friend of mine, who in personality *is* the King of Swords! lol (And his first name happens to be Roy!)

The aces are spectacular.

But artwork aside (which I just plain love), my two favorites are probably the Star, which has the most lovely imagery of any Star card in any deck I've seen; and the Devil, for the imagery of the "prisoners" having the loops so loose around their necks that they could slip them off at any time.

Side note: there's almost a total lack of nudity in this deck, which makes it probably the best general deck to read for average people who just might be prudish (even the technical nudes are covered by hair or their arms or something), and that and the gentle artwork and the small size make it a good deck to use for children. These factors make it a good deck for renfairs or other mixed-public venues.
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