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The woods: From THIS: thread.
Ace: White Willow- ; Wheat- friendliness, riches.
2: Ash- healing, also the World Tree and Yggdrasil.
3: Ash- healing; Pear tree- fruitfulness, longlivity.
4: Ash- healing
5: Willow- resonance and harmony:
6: Birch- love, also a tree of life.
7: Ash- healing
8: Hazel- wisdom.
9: Birch- love.
10: Willow- resonance and harmony
Page: White Ash- ; Fern- discretion, secrecy.
Knight: White Willow- ; Oak- bravery.
Queen: Silver Birch- ; Thornapple- deceitful charms:;
King: Goat Willow-
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