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Originally posted by Darla
Hey Luna!

Lately we seem to stumble a lot upon each other! It's always good to be busy, who needs free-time anyway? Do you have any suggestions how we could jazz things up around the Gothic group?
Hi Darla!

I was just reading through the threads here in the Gothic Study forum, and found something interesting.....

Back in February, Alissa started a thread called "Gothic Fiction", in which she brought up the idea of making up stories for some of the Gothic cards....WolfyJames and ol_crazy-legs also expressed an interest in trying this. I personally think it would be a lot of fun and a GREAT way to spend some time getting to know these cards one by one. I find these cards so hauntingly beautiful, with so much detail....that I am sure we could all come up with a completely different story for each card!

What do people think about creating a short story, or poetry...any type of creative writing piece that we would post and share as a group???

Now I was thinking that if we decide to do this, there are several different ways we could approach are my thoughts so far:

1) We could focus on one card per week....during that week, people can post their stories/poems/thoughts on that card, as well as post reactions to the posts of other members.
Each week we would focus on a new card, eventually working our way through the entire deck.

**OR we could use TWO cards per week TOGETHER and formulate the story/poem/writing as an interaction between the two cards...this might be interesting and a little more challenging than using only one card....again, rotating pairs of cards each week.

2) Each of us randomly draws a card OR chooses a specific card to write about....this would be a less structured approach than the first one...also somewhat limited in terms of discussion because we would all be focusing on different cards rather than the same one.

3) We COULD have one member at a time post his/her writing on a specific card in the deck....and the rest of us post commentary and feedback for that person throughout the course of the week. By focusing ONLY on that person's writing (rather than our own), we would benefit from REALLY seeing the card through another person's perspective...thus expanding our knowledge and/or appreciation of the card. We would rotate cards and writer weekly.

That is what I've come up with so far....anyone have any other ideas, suggestions??? I am looking forward to participating in some type of study with this is a deck that deserves a great deal of attention, and has so much to offer as a learning tool. Of course, I do love writing, not everyone does, so....

Let's try to figure out what we as a group would like to do next....THANKS!!!

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