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Legends: Spears and Swords, Elements

Yesterday, after having this deck for almost a year and convenienty "forgetting" that Spears are Air and Swords are Fire...the fact was pointed out to me...I'm still not sure how I managed not to notice this for so long.

Ok, major mental adjustment, no big deal...or so I thought until I did and spread and of course it had swords and wands in it and boggled me. One thing, a good thing, I guess, is needig to re-evaluate my interpretations and DM's, suddenly it doesn't seem so easy to just adopt a meaning. I've always thought myself pretty flexible and open minded and realized just how dogmatic I have become.

How does the different Element/suite arrangement effect your readings? How do you come to grips with it? What do you think of it?

What is so darn strange is...when I was shopping for my first deck I had it down to two, Morgan-Greer and Legends...and last night I remembered I didn't choose Legends at that time, because of the "switch" of the elements. So since I've been reading fairly well with it, have I also been just as fairly wrong?
I feel like I'm suddenly having a "reading" identity crisis.
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