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Well, as you know, I have very little experience reading Tarot with any deck, and have only read Majors with this one. But as Sezo says, the meanings are pretty much RWS, so can we just ignore the elemental assignments Anna-Marie has given us? Its not like there's a right way and a wrong way to use a deck, just whatever works for the reader. And the suits still work as standard suits, Spears are still Spears, Swords are still Swords.

However, I do find this elemental assignment muddling, even just for studying the cards. I was struggling last night trying to connect the Court ranks to elements as well, e.g. "so the King of Spears is not Fire of Fire but Air of Air", etc. As you suggest Sezo, we can treat this an opportunity to learn to be more flexible...

WalesWoman, there's a little typo. in the thread title for the word "Swords" - I wonder if you could correct that for us?

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