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Originally Posted by sophie-david
But as Sezo says, the meanings are pretty much RWS, so can we just ignore the elemental assignments Anna-Marie has given us? Its not like there's a right way and a wrong way to use a deck, just whatever works for the reader. And the suits still work as standard suits, Spears are still Spears, Swords are still Swords.
It works as long as you aren't trying to look at the elements so see what "weighs" a reading...what is missing, what needs further clarification or bears looking at more deeply. Fire is the driving force of creation, Air is the mental motivation for taking's a big difference and now I'm feeling like I don't know what the heck big deal. It's not a new condition for me. So what is strange is how Anna-Marie can keep almost the same DM's as RWS...when changing the elements seems to completely change the whole character of these suites. Think about it.

How does this change the meaning of the 3 Spears and 3 Swords? Really if the elements are different from RWS version. How can Air become a creative reproductive force and Fire become a mental state of loss? Sorry, but I just don't get it and feel at a loss of how to resolve it, unless I totally disregard the whole thing about elements...but I was just getting the hang of them. Shoot Darn! So maybe I'm having a tempest in a teapot and it's no big deal...but I just am not understanding why she felt the need to turn this upside down.

I can't read for diddley right now.
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