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Hows my theory?

Having pondered on this issue for a while (dont worry WW, I too balance readings with the elements!), I think I have come up with a theory for that has happened.
Bare with me.
I think, Anna-Marie has studied the cards, their meanings (RW) and the elements. Then, seeing the destructive/creative aspect of fire, has likened it to the cutting away, loss and so the room for more things to grow, to the symbol of the sword. So, we have Swords with Fire.
By default we have Wands with Air - and as far as I can see, with no real change to the DMs. The things I see that characterise Wands, beliefs, charm, the energy to keep projects running etc are still there, but with a slight emphasis on the thought process you go through to come to that.
The worst cards I think in the minors (though there are a few others!) are the 9 and 10 of Swords, although swords are fire, to me these cards in the deck are true to the RW meanings! Looking at the myth of the 10 of wands and the DM it still rings true to the usual RW.
So for my daily readings I will take particular care, but I think I will just read the cards the same, but carefully look at the Spear/Air idea, but I wouldn't go overboard. They seem to fit either way as Fire or Air for me

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