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quick PS to that post which has JUST come to me...

Spears, are thrown, going through the air , links also to the idea of the energy and continuation of projects
Swords, is more face to face combat, needing the rage and heat of battle - so fire. Or, swords (and a possible reason for the sword in the stone myth) were held as magical objects to the Celts, and often the sword makers, blacksmiths etc were seen as the great magicians! Think like a celt now folks (blue paint, dodgy accents and greasy hair ) They take a rock, and from that rock (or stone...) perform all sorts of crazy methods and processed and turn stone into a gorgeous and powerful sword! Course we know that the stone is a metal ore, which is heated, extracted and then shaped and pounded by the smithy, all the while needing fire! If water into wine was a miracle, try stone into a sword, with all sorts of designs embedded into the metal from the twisted and forming of the various bits of metal.
Swords seemed to have lost their luster and preciousness as smithys worked out you can make swords by adding layers of metal strips and bashing and heating them together. No pretty patterns and quicker to produce.
I saw this amazing documentary about it ages ago with my partner and we were both amazed.

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