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WalesWoman I said a tempest in a teapot. I'm certainly not going to stop reading with this deck...I just realized how resistant I am to change. If I had learned Tarot in the beginning with this deck, I'd probably think that Wands/Fire, Swords/Air was just plain ridiculous...LOL

But yes, fire tempers steel, burns out the impurtities and strengthens metal...and spears do fly through air...especially those 8's. That does help make this more meaningful. I know when I first even heard of elements, that I thought it a bit odd that fire and wood were together, guess my thoughts were too much fire and the wood is nothing but ash. So yeah, I just need some time to adjust and see things from another perspective...exercise my mental muscles for some greater flexibility.

Wait 'till next year when I have to decide if I'm having an 8 ...Strength or Justice year. Not to change the subject too much, but I'm having to get used to that difference too, since 8 is Justice in the Sacred Rose I just got last month. So far neither card has come up in any readings. Giving me a bit of a break I guess.

Thanks for doing some thinking for me and being so thought provoking. Sometimes...I'm blaming the Moon for the past few brain dead days...something like this hits me like a brick wall and I slammed right into this one. Excuse me while I go looking for Isolt of white hands and get some Tylenol.

Edited to add: I realized I made a typo, but unfortunately editing doesn't seem to edit the title of a thread, only the headings in it. But thanks for the heads up, David.
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