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This was my second deck ever and the first deck that I was totally aware that there were elements tied to the suits. I found AT and learned that traditionally the wands/swords thing was the other way around. Upon getting other decks that are 'traditional'...I had little trouble with the switch.
Try re-reading the first page of the suits in the book.
Generally, for Legends, I look at the suits like this-
Pentacles - physical
Cups - emotional
Wands - spiritual
Swords - mental

When you put spiritual in there- it's a force unseen- like air.
the mental of swords is seen in the actions of a person, the fire that fuels thier passions and dictates thier actions.

Wands is Air (for reasons explained above) This is the suit of spring, when there is new growth (there's that creative or the traditional) spears being made of wood, need air to grow. Wands is still connected to the mind and thinking, but nore along the lines of instictive and intuitive- Spiritual

Swords is fire and if you look at the knight, you will see the fire. Fire is destructive, as is the sword (and other things mentioned above) the fire to temper the sword still hold that creative expression. But to temper that sword properly takes skill. Skill involves knowledge (mind) of the proper actions to make such a sword. Think about what the mind is doing while making a sword, constant observation and thinking about where the hammer whil strike next, how long the metal has to sit in the fire, keeping track of that time.....the mind is going full speed, and the actions as well.
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