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I have to agree with Sophie-David on this that I'm the final decider in how I use the cards. I've been ignoring her suit changes as much as possible, since I couldn't make sense of them the way she has them.

I think when you make the change from wands to spears, the connection of wood to fire gets lost. The magic is that in the wood, there is fire. And in us, there is fire -- we are warm blooded. So the vital energy is fiery.

I have a few other decks that deviate from the usual associations, including the Nigel Jackson, the Haindl, and the Celtic Wisdom. The Jackson is like the Legends, the Haindl seems to simply have chosen the suits and correlations geographically (this suit will be India and that's East, this suit is Egypt, and that's South, etc.). The Celtic Wisdom is using a system that goes back to ancient texts on the division of Ireland. So it's not a magical, elemental system, so much as an historical one, so far as I can tell.

I find the suits a real problem in the Jackson and Haindl. I'm just learning the Celtic Wisdom, and it does mess with my internal spiritual geography to put the suits in different places than I'm used to, but I will give it a try, picturing the geography as Ireland.

I think flexibility is good, but so is tradition. It grounds me to have this geography of correspondences and directions. ( Although, lately I've been switching the water to East and air to the West, since where I live the ocean is to the East. This doesn't seem to mess things up as radically as changing the elements with the suits, though.)
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