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Originally Posted by mercuryempress View Post
Iheartrescues I've just received it as well..I had put it aside to be put in line with the others but I couldn't help myself so now I'm working with The large cards and The sun and moon tarot for my side deck. I'm thinking to pull a card everyday from both decks and go from there.The only card I really have an issue with in the Thoth is the Prince of Swords..eekk. it's the ugliest card in the deck IMO
How did that "sad" face get up there?? lol. I had planned the same but found I also just kept reaching for the Thoth. I will admit that when going through the deck I also hesitated on that Prince of Swords. So thanks Zephyros. I am seeing that card differently now, Air of air of course

Y'know after seeing the Death card all Blinged out on... gaaah where IS that thread?? I cannot get THAT out of my HEAD! I digress as usual...
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